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released October 16, 2014



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TEENAGE HATE Hamburg, Germany

TEENAGE HATE are a four piece outfit hailing from hamburg, germany. named after the infamous reatards debut album they play a fast garage punk influenced sound in the vein of many of the 80s greats.

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Track Name: No Joy In Repetition
six o clock alarm
the bells herald yet another fight
the pathos keeps us warm
lets us sleep right thru the night

at night,
we feel alive when we re asleep

at night, we re dreamers

at night we re so naive

cold tiles on the floor
cigarettes and black, black caffeine

and like our parents before
we re gonna wear those leaden eyelids

commuting thru the pouring rains
that water down ambitions
one hundred minutes every day
while waiting, wishing
we shield our senses with headphones
to grant us ignorance
we hope the sleep will save our souls
and for the days to end

at night,
we feel alive when we re asleep

at night, we re dreamers

at night we re so naive

Track Name: It's Still Fat Mikes Job To Keep Punk Rock Elite
the rip-offs and the copies
the factions and the lobbies
the senile scenster heads
line up to get their punkrock prostates checked

we know we’re decades late
for a decent youth parade
we know this doesn’t mean a thing
but we ll play it fuckin’ fast
and fuckin’ mean.

fifteen hour ride
we show up late
you don't show up
at all.

can i preach it like i feel it?
don’t you see it?
can’t you feel it?
you re fulla shit!

fuck the scene!
it‘s fat mike’s job to keep punkrock elite

we got shirts and fuckin’
records in the back!
Track Name: Gospel
it s life, love death we re serenading
the same o,the same-o song

the lovers feel the feelings fading

somewhere it all went fuckin wrong

this keeps a patient person waiting
sometimes it feels for far too long

just as the home was in the making

the walls were coming down

shit goes on.
the same o life
the same o songs.
we make mistakes


we miss the fun that we had
back when we used to be glad

with the simple things in life

when we were young

simple life bred simple songs

the safety of our mamas arms

tears for every step that we move on

but we move on

it s life, love death we re serenading
the same o,the same-o song

the promise we keep making

to better ourselves 

but we‘ll batter ourselves
until that very day

when we are done

Track Name: And I Need To Be Loved
i ain‘t shit
i‘m champagne
michael larsen
did not die in vain
see - i am a firm believer.

i talk to them every single fuckin‘ day
i hope they love me and their hearts
won‘t walk away
so let‘s part seas between
indifference and dismay

will i ever? no i`ll never
learn what i gotta learn
honest feedback?
a broken reflex!
and again no tax return.

the shit i speak
one day it all comes fuckin‘ back
all speculations
in one single fuckin‘ head

well it‘ s one thing to make deals
with devils, ya know?
when your options are all
brimstone and coal.
it‘s a different story to leave these bitches bankcrupt
cause you just brought way
too much fuckin‘ soul.

i ain‘t shit.
i‘m champagne.
you motherfuckers
best bring balls and chains.